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We send our products by Registered Air Parcel for International Orders. The standard postage for the above service is 250TWD (about 8.0 USD). Please pay by PayPal (recommended), or T/T. The handling fee (except PayPal) is charged to you as buyer.

If you can not place order online, please send your order-list to sxy4man@gmail.com

Our PayPal account currency is in TWD (New Taiwan Dollar, NT$), PayPal supports more than 23 currencies in the world. You can pay online as you checkout your order in the checkout page. On the other hand, you may choose to wait for the order confirmation email which will specify the amount due and later on make payment as deemed appropriate.

If you would like to use EMS (Express Mail), kindly inform us in writing. We will re-calculate the total amount due for your shipment. Thank you!

We are only able to track the export time from here for Registered Air Mail (except EMS). The rest would certainly need to be tracked from your country. For your information, you could obtain the tracking number from your order in the "User Center". ※The Registered Air Mail tracking number is look like RA*****TW if send from Taiwan, You also can tracking from another 3rd party site: 17track.net, or AfterShip

Shipping Fee

Registered Air Parcel - 250(Flat Rate)

EMS is start from 360, and varying on the weight and country, Please inform us if need deliver by EMS.

Cash Surplus New

Out flat rate for International Shipping is 250. However, as you may just purchase one or two items, your shipping cost could be less than 250. In such case, the balance sum will be deposited into Your "Cash Surplus" account. You can also choose to buy me a coffee

For example: The shipping fee in 250. As you place your order, the shipping charge may come up to be just 180, the maximum we charge is 190(add 10). The balance of 60(250 - 190) will be deposited into Your "Cash Surplus" account, and you can use it to pay for your future orders.

NOTE: The "Cash Surplus" only for order payment, and CANNOT be withdrawn. you can view the history in "我的餘額 (maybe translate to My Balance by google)" of "User Center".

※ The "Cash Surplus" method is start from April 20, 2016.


Our products are shipped worldwide by the Registered Air Mail, and more than 20 countries, Please feel free to contact us if you are living overseas, Or reference this The Brief Guides for Overseas. We plug-in the Google Translate at the bottom-right corner if PC screen. You also can use the built-in web translate for mobile, hope it is helpful for you buy Made in Taiwan.
使用關鍵字、貨號搜尋商品。如果包含兩個關鍵字,請您在中間留空格。商品貨號也可以只打後面的數字,例如要找 u1004-T1 丁字褲,可以輸入 1004 即可搜尋。
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